Visitor Information Centre

Your first port of call to town needs to be the Visitor Information Centre, situated at the Peppin Heritage Centre in George Street. 

Our friendly staff and volunteers will chat to you about our many areas of interest, ensuring your special needs are met. 

The natural assets on our doorstep - including our river and forests - capture the attention of our visitors. 

There are also man made attractions like the Lawson Syphon, which is an engineering masterpiece. 

Further out of town towards Wakool is Stevens Weir, where you can enjoy a picnic or toss in a line. A fish ladder has recently been installed at the weir to assist with breeding and thereby further increase numbers for our keen anglers.

Mosaic Ute

In the gardens adjacent the Heritage Centre is the mosaic ute, which was an arts project completed for the Deni Ute Muster in 2008.

Volunteers painstakingly covered a ute with tiny mosaic tiles and the result, you will agree, is stunning.

Alongside it is a Long Paddock sculpture entitled 'Shod' which depicts half of a bullock shoe. The Long Paddock touring route follows a by-gone era along the Cobb Highway from Echuca/Moama to Wilcannia where Cobb and Co stage coaches once ran. 


Deni Ute

Nearby in Charlotte Street is the famous 'Ute on a Pole' ... another Ute Muster project when we, well, stuck a ute up on top of a pole to capture the attention of passers-by.

Whether you enjoy a leisurely stroll around town taking in the attractions - many of which are highlighted on our town walk - or enjoy a self-guided drive, there is an abundance of natural, historic and man made features to catch your eye. 

Peppin Heritage Centre

The Peppin Heritage Centre doubles as the Deniliquin Visitor Information Centre and has a variety of travelling and local exhibitions throughout the year. The centre has:

  • A large gallery for art exhibitions
  • A heritage museum with a focus on Peppin stud breeding, family and the sheep industry
  • A recreated classroom in the old school
  • The relocated Warriston Ram Shed
  • The original Deniliquin Gaol

The Peppin Heritage Centre has a variety of travelling and local exhibitions thoughout the year. While enjoying your visit to The Peppin Heritage Centre treat yourself to a cup of coffee or fine dining at The Crossing Cafe which adjoins the centre.

Pop in today!