The legend lives on

Conargo was originally part of Benjamin Boyd’s vast pastoral empire which extended from the south, across the Billabong Creek and took in land to the north of the creek. 

In 1855 the Tyson Bros bought 6000 acres of Boyd’s run which included the area known as Conargo Point, later to become known as Quiamong. Conargo Point was where William and John McKenzie applied for a pre-emptive grant of 328 acres for the purpose of forming a settlement. This right was granted in 1858 and the settlement at Conargo Point was established. The township of Conargo was officially gazetted in 1860.

Today Conargo is still a passionate pastoral and grazing community, with rich history, iconic Conargo Hotel and new interpretive centre it's well worth pulling up stumps and camping by the peaceful plains or the Billabong creek.

Right by the billabong!